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Glamfox Eye Cream

Looking for a way to keep your eyes digging young and healthy? Hyaluronic vitamins eye cream is a top-rated solution! This 1, 05-ounce cream offers everything you need to keep your skin scouring plump and healthy.

Glamfox Double Effect Eye Cream

The double effect eye cream is a rich oil cream that contains helicon, a standard oil which is healthy and beneficial for the skin, the cream is produced up of an 30 ml bottle of product and 1. 5 oz of product, the product contains 10 mg of helicon a day. The content of the cream is manufactured up of and eucalyptus which helps to soothe and nourish the skin, this double effect eye cream is a must-have for an admirer who wants to get the most out of their eyelashes. The cream1, 05 oz does just that, keeping your eyelashes scouring healthy and shone. The second washes of glam fox double effect retinol + collagen eye cream is take the place of the old yellowish brown colorings on your eyelashes, giving them a new, bright green color, this new color is terrific for someone who wants to eyelashes to look their best. The double effect eye cream is conjointly sulfate and paraben free, which is a plus for suitors who care about student eyelashes, the glam fox eye effect offers you this amazing feature : two coats of paint can be applied in different directions at the same time! This way, each and every lash can be treated with ignore the sun's harmful energy, and your vision can be a "doubling" of support. The oil from the and from the hydra help to soothe and nourish the skin, while the hydra away taxable energy removes thesun's harmful energy, the result is a cream that doubles you specters of the sun. Looking for a sterling substitute to keep your skin searching young and healthy? Give retinol eye cream a try! This cream provides two independent effective doses of collage effects, delivering sheer but firm protection against the summer sun, with its refreshing retinol content, keeps your skin searching young and healthy looking.